Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Message From Kavasseur

If you love Kava and are following this blog, please make sure that you check out the comments that follow each review or news story. Some of the best stuff on this blog is in the comments section, where we have fellow Kavasseurs posting about their own experiences with Kava and their own suggestions. Furthermore, these comments sections offer a great wealth of knowledge about the chemistry, origins, and distribution of Kava throughout the South Pacific.

Finally, add your own comments! In order to keep this blog alive, we need contributions from readers like you. Oftentimes, fellow Kavasseurs are my inspiration to post more and review more. We are a small but growing community. Drink more, review more, celebrate more!


  1. The problem I'm having with the comments sections is that it's not easy to know when a new comment has been added without clicking on each blog entry.

    I would suggest having a forum, each topic title could be the kava. On the blog side, keep it as is, but instead of allowing comments, provide the link to the forum-topic.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I don't think blogger has a discussion forum feature, but I could try to link up a forum run by Yuku.