Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kule's Kava Farm - Melomelo (Vanuatu)

Kule's Kava Farm offers Kava from different islands, apparently one from each of the major countries that celebrate Kava as one of their exports: Vanuatu, Fiji, Hawaii (US), and Papua New Guinea. If you order the Sampler Pack from their home website, which I did, you will get the Papua New Guinea Kava. You cannot order the PNG Kava by itself, apparently. For around $50, the Sampler Pack really is quite a good deal, especially considering that you can squeeze this stuff quite a bit before it runs dry.

Melomelo is a pretty run-of-the-mill Vanuatu Kava with a strong flavor and a heady, pleasant buzz. Owing to said flavor, however, I wouldn't brew this one up for newbies. It has a very thick, peppery taste with quite a sharp bite that stays in your mouth after you've downed a shell. When people talk about "Kava anxiety," they are referring to the anxiety that comes from this kind of pungent, "hot" Kava. It feels like it might give you an unsettled stomach, but it doesn't. Fortunately, you can brew quite a bit of Kava from one cup of dried powder - I was able to get a strong, consistent Kava by mixing 1 cup of Melomelo with 3 1/2 cups of water.

The buzz is certainly the better half of the package. It is comparable to Black Sand but is perhaps a notch weaker in its muscle-relaxant properties. It has more of a "heady" feel to it that acts as a kind of mild stimulant in a way similar to a Hawaiian Kava. The perky buzz is not something I have ever experienced from a Vanuatu Kava, so it is rather interesting. The website claims that Melomelo is given its name because of its very relaxing properties, which I find curious. This Kava seems like it would be better for socializing than fully relaxing.

As a side note, the website claims that this Kava is simply uprooted, dried in the sun, and then processed into its powder form. I definitely feel like the skin of the root is what gives it its strong flavor. Not something I prefer, but definitely worth trying at least once.

Flavor - 6.5/10
Body Effect - 6/10
Mind Effect - 7.5/10
Strength - Medium Strength

Kule's Kava Farm "Melomelo" Kava - 6.7/10

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