Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paradise Kava - Third Generation CO2 Extracts

Honestly, I didn’t think it was possible for Paradise Kava to improve on what appeared to be the pinnacle of Kava powder or fresh root alternatives – their original batch of solvent free cO2 extracts. As a result, it puts the Kavasseur into a deep bind because I ranked their original extract a perfect 10 out of 10. I am going to be forced to do the same thing here, but let’s just assume that I ranked the last batch 9.59/10. This new batch is almost unexplainable. The first batch was a revelation to the Kava world as to what creative thinking could do to an already awesome medicine (and alternative way of “winding down”) and the second batch was equally innovative.

But this new third generation Paradise Kava extract gives a whole new meaning to the word “perfection.” In fact, after allowing two globs of the “Chocolate Orange” extract to melt seamlessly into the bottom of my mouth I literally feel like I am pawing at the keyboard like a stoned cat. Each dose of this stuff has a whopping 120 mg of pure full spectrum kavalactones, lecithin, citrus oils, natural chocolate, and coconut oil (the Honey Lemon has Hawaiian honey and citric acid in place of the chocolate).  Paradise Kava has perfected the homogenization technique and added just the right amount of lecithin for the Kava to absorb into your body and mind. This is the purest, most potent, and most innovative extract on the market. Having the pleasure to review it, I am unsure of whether my current state of bliss will see me through this, because its mind (and body)  strength make me feel like I have dived into some immaculate reef and emerged from the water completely baptized of my pains and worries with calm, heavy, and happy eyes. It is quite difficult to construct sentences in such a sublime state of mind.

The taste is far removed from its ancestor. It is much more smooth, silky, and sublime. The texture is smoothy and creamy yet complex and mutli-layered. The biggest difference between the 1st generation and 3rd generation can be found in the Honey Lemon Extract, which is far smoother and less sugary (at least to the taste) than the 1st generation. The flavor is stronger and a bit more medicinal in the new Honey Lemon extract, which in many ways is a good thing. I remember plowing through half a jar of Honey Lemon the first time around because it so unbelievably tasted like some kind of life-changing candy. The difference in the Chocolate Orange is less pronounced, yet equally significant and definitely an improvement.

Paradise Kava offers these extracts in three different-sized jars: a 10 gram size, a 30 gram standard size, and a 60 gram large jar.                                                                                                                                                   

Though I am overwhelmingly pleased with the Chocolate Orange and Honey Lemon extracts, I would love to see some more diversity in the flavors. I was thinking vanilla bean with shredded coconut or a mango salsa flavor (wouldn’t that be something?). Limited editions of the extract would also be fun – pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, anyone?

Paradise Kava – 3rd Generation Extracts 10/10