Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hawaiian Kava Center - Mo'i Kava

These Hawaiian Kavas are quickly rising up on the Kavasseur's list of favorites, and Mo'i is no exception to the trend. With superb flavor, stimulating yet mellowing effects, and a medium strength that puts this Kava easily on the weekday menu, this could become the new "Kava of choice" for happy hours in Kavaheads' homes.

When you open a bag of Kava from Hawaiian Kava Center, it is a divine experience. They package their kava in vacuum-sealed bags that, once again, look like they were designed for espresso. It has a beautiful cocoa-tint and is ground to a thick powder that is not too fine and not too coarse. The kava looks and smells so good that it feels great to knead it through the mesh.

I would describe the flavor of this Kava as exceptional. It is that very top of my Kava list when it comes to flavor. As the description of the site claims, Mo'i Kava has definite chocolate notes with thick, almost buttery undertones. When I squeezed my second batch of Mo'i, I tried to build on its natural chocolately flavor by adding a pinch or two of cocoa powder. All I can say is this - I highly recommend trying it. A lot of purists don't like to mix Kava with anything, but try this out and you'll be glad you did.

It is a high, stimulating Kava that feels a lot like what I've come to expect from Hawaiian Kavas. Not what you are looking for if you prefer the effects of Solomon Kava, Tongan Kava, or Stone Kava. But it's very good for company and for new Kava drinkers who might be adverse to the flavor of Stone, Solomon (which I think tastes great, personally), or Chief's Jungle. It doesn't knock you off your feet the way that some Kavas do, but refined Kava drinkers know that is not what to look for in a good Kava. I feel like a good Kava does three things: gives you an immediate de-stressing, is easy to control by gauging intake (doesn't fall back or creep too suddenly), provides some kind of happy respite. There are some Kavas that, to me, just hit me too strongly or too weakly and then bounce around.

Flavor 10/10
Effect (Mind) 7.5/10
Effect (Body)7.5/10
Strength - Medium

Hawaiian Kava Center  - Mo'i Kava 8.3/10


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  2. I think a Hawaiian kava will be the next kava I get. they sound more relaxing than the others.

  3. I really dig hawaiian kavas, and this is a great one. Def gonna keep some of this around whenever possible.