Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pacific Kava - Waka Kava

I have to admit, this Kava caught me off guard. It is an excellent Kava. In fact, it is one of the best Kavas I have ever had the pleasure to drink.

I contacted Pacific Kava about one month ago asking them which of their Kavas I should sample. They only currently sell two varieties of Kava that come from one strain: Waka Kava which is the root of kasaleka Fijian Piper Methysticum , and Lewena Kava which is the stem part of the same variety. They advised me to try the Waka Kava first. I didn't realize that they were shipping from New Zealand until it arrived at my door in a small, plastic package that read "New Zealand Post". The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the mailbox was how heavy it was. This stuff is dense, powdery, and delicious. The bag (pictured below) is pretty basic - a ziplock bag with the Pacific Kava label on the front.

When I first opened the bag, I was greeted by probably the greatest scent you can experience from a Kava powder. This stuff smells fantastic, and its taste takes Kava to a whole new level. If you have ever tasted Nakamal at Home's Tongan Kava, or even their Fiji Kava, this Kava is pretty similar in taste - but better. It has that creamy base but still carries some peppery notes. It also has this unique, nay baffling, freshness to it that is almost like a sweet eucalyptus. It has a numbing effect that is pleasantly wedged between intermediate and high. I sampled it with some first-time Kava drinkers and they even commented that "actually, this tastes much better than we thought it would." I had prepared them for Kava anxiety, but probably won a few converts. Really, I am at a loss for words in describing the flavor of this Kava. It would probably be advantageous to take a video of just how beautiful the texture of this stuff is. Really, you have to try it.

Typically, Fijian Kavas are known for their subtlety and their good flavor. I don't think I have ever tasted a bad Fijian Kava. Waka Kava tastes amazing, but actually is a bit stronger than you would expect. It has an immediate effect. This Kava probably gave me more photophobia than I have experienced with other Kavas, but it makes the world seem like a soft, easier place. It doesn't give you photophobia in the sense that lights are offensive, but it gives you photophobia in the sense that you just want to be in a soft, low-lit place. A moonlit night by a pond would be ideal, or perhaps a half-moon bay with waves foaming up the beach shore, In short, this stuff gets you "high." It is like the Fijian equivalent of Nakamal at Home's Vanuatuan Wow! Kava. I can't say enough about this stuff - it is brilliant.

I will never underestimate a Fijian Kava again. Also, I will never again underestimate vendors who I haven't heard much about. Give Pacific Kava a try, you will be very pleased.

This one deserves its high rating:

Flavor 10/10
Mind Effect 9/10
Body Effect 9/10

Pacific Kava's Waka Kava (Kasaleka Fijian) - 9.3 shells out of 10


  1. "Lewena Kava which is the stem part of the same variety." I thought ONLY the root was safe to prepare a kava drink from? Due to liver problems with parts of the plant other than the root?

  2. Yah I was wondering about that to as I've heard any aerial parts of the kava plant are dangerous

  3. Made a batch of this tonight using Kava by Rex's instructions - 2 tbsp to 2 cups of water. I just squeezed the hell out of it with some soy lechitin and it was one the best Kava sessions I've ever had. Some old 50s jazz and a good book. Oh yeeeeah. Positively krunked right now and loving it.

  4. Trying to decide between trying as my first time ordering this great stuff, based on reviews here, either of your two top ranking kavas -

    1. Paradise Kava - 100% Hawaiian Awa 9.8/10
    2. Hawaiian Kava Center "Hiwa" Kava 9.8/10

    Also under my scope after reading all your reviews, is Kava Kauai's Vanuatu and Fiji, as well as Pacific Kava - Waka Kava. What would you try first..knowing what you know now? haha :)

  5. By the way, I didn't mention any of the N@home ones because they claim on their site they don't ship to Canada, so I'm trying to choose from other ones. I see there is website, but they basically are selling with shipping included, the 2 main products from Kava Kauai (realkava) plus the popular mix of kavas from Paradise. Their totals are just about the same as if I ordered it direct. Not sure if there's any advantage to one or the other..but wasn't impressed there were links which led to Kona Kava around the site, and only hearing less favorable reviews about them.. :P other than that, their prices are in Canadian dollars and include shipping so it may be the same either way. Any help/ideas are appreciated, thanks for the great reviews! In the absence of any kava here yet, I'm living off the reviews! haha :)

    Jordan - next kava convert in waiting
    Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

    1. Hey amazon sells waka in canada!

  6. Oops, hope its okay this didn't land in the forum but under one of the varieties of kava I'm interested in - it appears to be the stronger of the Fijan varieties. I do want a good taste but also a strong-ish effect. Can tell the hi-ranking kavas reviewed here are all super, just trying to pick one. $45 (Hiwa, or Venatu) or go for the more expensive $70 for Paradise's 'blend'? I like the sound of the taste of Fijan but not sure if I'll find it strong enough? It sounds like it has pretty enjoyable effects as well however. thanks again!

  7. Hey Douglas La Rose i was thinking of buying kavabyrex Fiji Waka kava or this Pacific Waka Kava which do you think is a better bang for your buck?

  8. Potent kava, although I suspect it's the tudei kind. Tudei causes a nasty and protracted hangover, not my favorite variety.

  9. Anyone tried Pacific Kava's stuff lately?

    Curious as to whether the quality is still of the standard outlined in this review.

    I live in New Zealand so its quite a cheap option for me.

  10. how much water do i put in for a pond? I just started drinking Kava Waka in south Florida and it gets quiet expensive, so I really would like to try to make it my self!?