Sunday, January 3, 2016

Nakamal at Home - Fiji (2016)

Nakamal at Home's Fiji Kava is a medium-grind, slightly peppery Fijian Kava that smells fresh and clean.

A frothy shell of Nakamal at Home Fijian Kava pictured with a half-kilo bag.

Nakamal at Home Fijian (2016)
Effects Mind: 8.5/10
Effects Body: 8.5/10
Flavor: 9.25/10
Strength: Medium-Heavy, good nighttime Kava with no next-day effects

Overall: 8.75/10


  1. sir, may I please have a recommendation for a mid day appropriate kava in which i can still focus and be productive and also an evening kava to promote a restful sleep with no ill effects the next day.

  2. Nice review! How would you compare the Fiji to their Black Sand?

  3. I typically like stronger stimulating stuff for mid-day. I'll be reviewing a Kava called Kavafied Eua later this week that is really good during the day. This Kava is great for mid-day anxiety relief and might inspire some laziness, but not tiredness.