Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Big Kava - Premium Waka

Big Kava, a new player among many new players in the Kava world, comes out of the gates strong with a Premium Waka from Fiji. This Kava is a fine ground made from lateral roots. It is very fresh, very potent, and hits the spot as a daily Kava. This is probably the ideal anti-anxiety Kava, because it provides a very strong relaxing effect and puts your nerves to complete rest.
This Kava is finely ground into a nice Kava root powder

I prepared this Kava strong and it still has a translucent, oily, light-brown texture and color. 
Effect (Mind) - 8.5/10
Effect (Body) - 7.5/10
Flavor - 9/10
Strength - Medium/Mildly Strong and very effective against anxiety
Best for - Relaxation, Anti-Anxiety, Sleep Aid

Big Kava Premium Waka - 8.3/10


  1. I have pretty bad social anxiety, and I am looking for a type of Kava that will allow me to be more relaxed in a college setting, yet keep my mind very sharp and focused. What's the number one Kava that you would recommend? Is it this one, Big Kava-Premium Waka?

  2. This is the one, methinks ;) Good luck

  3. After trying a dozen or so mostly great kavas over the past year, I have to say that BK's Premium Waka is at the top of my list for daily kavas. It's smooth, delicious, easy to knead, and much stronger than one might think. These days I use 2-3 TBSPs per liter of water, since I like to drink several shells a night, and it does the trick every time. Excellent tingly body buzz, cerebral contentment, noticeable relaxation, and overall good vibes. @Anonymous-I agree with Douglas that this would be an excellent kava for your social anxiety. No fears or worries after a few shells of this excellent Waka. Interestingly, and this speaks to the very personal nature of the kava experience, my wife doesn't have the same experience as I do. She much prefers Fu'u, which doesn't really do it for me. Tastes great, but the magic's just not there. In any case, the quest for a personal favorite kava is a very pleasant one. Thanks, Douglas, for putting so much effort into making kava knowledge available to the curious masses!

  4. I looked up Paradise Kava and their website seems to be down. Are they still in business?