Thursday, November 7, 2013

Mellow Mellow - Bula Kava House's "Melo Melo"

I typically work about 80 hours a week. I am an agricultural development facilitator in the Ethiopian highlands, where I have access to very few distractions from my job or the seriousness of my mission. On a day to day basis I have to perform a job that addresses hunger and food security. If you want to learn more about my work, check out the website of the organization I work for. So yeah, it gets stressful. But we all know that it is very important to mellow out every now and then. So, on a particularly stressful afternoon this week I decided to reach for a kava that seemed to fit the occasion – Bula Kava House’s “Melo Melo.” The name alone implies an anxiolytic product (look it up!), and its powdery grind with some lateral chips mixed in looks quite appetizing.   

Now let me be perfectly honest when I say that this is one of the best kavas I have ever had. Is it strong? Yes. Does it give you an amazing body-buzzing blow? Absolutely. But it really – and I mean really – mellows you out. I kind of picture the effect of this kava on me as being like a stiff board that steadily crumbles into a pile of dust. Or perhaps a candle slowly melting until the fire burns out and the fame rests into the wax. It is a combination of that Tongan stoniness, that Solomon euphoria (I felt this with Fu’u as well), and some of the minor excitability of a good light Vanuatu variety. When I say excitability, I mean it in a perfectly social sense. I drank four shells of this and danced around my compound listening to some Sierra Leonean music and enjoying the scent of some good incense. My co-workers were wondering what could have possibly gotten into me. “Some Melo Melo,” was my response.

Melo Melo is a light kava with a wonderful flavor and immediate impact. I brewed two batches of it in one night so as not to let the feeling drift off. With most kavas, I limit myself to two big pots. But with Melo Melo, I really wanted to keep the feeling alive. And that’s not because it is short-lived or wears off at an annoying rate (and there are definitely some kavas that do that), but because it just gets nicer and nicer as you let shell after shell fly down the hatch. I can say that I actually got legitimately krunked for the first time in quite some time on Melo Melo, but was still focused and sharp enough to be able to retire with a good book. I woke up the next day with a spring in my step and the clear intention of brewing up another batch that day.

This kava gives you a great body high, a focused head buzz, and an absolutely stunning sense of stress relief. I know this because I drank it on a particularly stressful day (ever had to put together a three-year budget for a poverty alleviation program? Believe me, it’s not a mellow affair). After my second shell (I actually drank it from a glass, because poor Kavasseur doesn’t have a shell out here in East Africa) I was completely relaxed, conversational, and had my mind completely off things.

In sum, this is a great buy. I’d love to keep a couple kilos on hand at all times…

Flavor - 9.5/10
Effects (Mind) - 9.5/10
Effects (Body) - 9.5/10
Strength - Strong, Medium-lasting

Melo Melo 9.5/10


  1. I have been looking into Kava Kava for some time now, I am a practicing Master Herbalist. I need the very best product for a couple clients that are getting off of Kalonpin, due to the DR will not give it to them anymore. I am confused over what one to get for helping with strong panic attacks, oddly the other day, I was on the site that offers this product and almost bought it, but decided I needed to know more about it and if there is another Kava Kava suitable to help with intense panic attack disorders. Melo, melo. I am confused in the post, as, it says, sounds, at first like , yes this is the one, to sedate heavy, but later it says and sounded like more of a stimulant with dancing and all energy clear head, I am looking for the strongest Kava Kava for the effect first mentioned, to make you feel like a candle that is burning and the wax dripping, Thats what I must obtain. Any help on that specific will help, I have been doing so much research on Kava Kava and still do not know what one will be best for panic attack disorders, super sedation.
    any help asap will be greatly appreciated

    1. I would suggest a DHM heavy kava like Bula Kava Houses' "Koniak" or "Boroguru" or Namakal at Home's "Stone"
      Please note that attempting to abruptly stop benzo's (like clonopin) can can petite and grand mal seizures and can result in death. I suggest another doctor for a Benzo Taper for these people. Kava can help once they are medically safe.

  2. Hey quick question

    I bought some kava after reading this blog, and I love it. Hope to be a long time kava drinker now. My question is that it seems to cause sleep disruption to me, and I notice that my urine is a wierd color and smell. Anyone else notice this?

    1. all your issues seems to be related with the diuretic effect of kava.i had the same issues with kava at first, brown urine, disrupted sleep and a really weird hangover like feeling after waking up. just drink more pure water before and after you drink the kava and you should be good

  3. One suggestion, in your rating of the Kava, I feel that its best to give solid numbers such as 6,7,9 or 10. The rating scale you are using 9.8 or 9.2 doesn't have much discrepancy, and is based off of your own experience. I doubt any of us could differentiate between a 9.2 or a 9.8. Please consider re-rating these.

  4. Thank You for this useful piece of writing....
    I am 40 year old women with 4 kids. Now as they all get married so I am feeling so lonely which leads to anxiety and insomnia. Please tell me a Herbal stress remedy for casual use..

  5. Hi Douglas, love the blog, really enjoy your poetical descriptions of the Kava's you sample.
    I'm in Auckland where we get mostly (quite good) Fiji kava, jealous of all the exotic varieties you enjoy.
    Mike Jedi

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