Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coming Soon on Kavasseur

I'm very excited to announce that next week we'll see reviews of Paradise Kava's upcoming line of fresh, frozen Kava that is delivered to buyers' doors. I have never experienced the taste or effect of fresh Kava, brewed and consumed in the Pacific islands. This upcoming line of Kavas captures that very taste and effect - grown, processed, and frozen in Hawaii and delivered to your doorstep. I'll be the first to review this Kava, and will do so with a video podcast that captures the very moment when I first try it. Such exciting news!


  1. Agreed, very exciting! Now if only their website were fully operational...

  2. I'm excited to here how good the fresh frozen kava is; I'm also wondering how you would go about thawing just the portion you need for a given night. Include that in your review.

    I am currently experiencing what I call the magical third morning, as in the third morning after 3 days of daily kava use. For me, the timeline goes something like this, drinking about of 2/3 cup of stone per night.

    Night 1: Few noticeable effects, mild relaxation
    Day 1: Nothing
    Night 2: Nice relaxation, mild "giddy" feeling, increased sociability.
    Day 2: Increased energy and happiness
    Night 3: Definite "giddy" feelings, very talkative.
    Day 3: MAGICAL. After my cup of morning coffee, I feel positively fantastic! I'm at work right now and I'm feeling so great that I just had to share. Distinct stimulation and increased motivation.

    I normally take a break after 3 nights because otherwise I feel overstimulated the fourth day, but I still have some prepared kava left so I might finish it tonight. Am I the only one who experiences increasing effects like this?

  3. dac, I'll write a detailed review later. But I must say that this frozen kava root is out of this world. I thawed all of it, took what I needed, and put the rest back in the freezer. Flavor is INCREDIBLE, and the effects wash right over you.