Sunday, December 20, 2015

Kalm with Kava - Fijian Loa Waka

Kalm with Kava’s Fiji Loa Waka comes from a farmer that the folks at Kalm with Kava personally know in Taveuni, Fiji.  There is nothing more reassuring to me as a farmer’s advocate all over the world than to hear that Kava vendors are developing meaningful relationships with Kava farmers. I believe this is the next frontier in the Kava world – turning the world’s best medicine into a social enterprise that can help give farmers in the Pacific Islands better incomes and opportunities.  I’ll be making a big announcement very soon on my own initiative to engage with Kava-growing communities in the South Pacific. 

Fiji Loa Waka is divinely delicious, with a smooth milky texture and fresh taste. My first impression of this Kava was “wow, this stuff smells like it was just harvested and dried within the last few weeks!” This stuff goes down the hatch very smoothly and has a crisp finish that wouldn’t create a gag effect even in the greenest Kava drinker. I kneaded this stuff several different times and making it with chilled coconut milk was absolutely euphoric.

Fijian Kavas are known for being light, bubbly, and subtle. Loa Waka isn’t really like that at all. Loa Waka is made from 100% lateral roots and packs a 12% kavalactone content. The chemotype for this Kava is 463251 and its effects are immediately noticeable.

·      Strength (Mind) - 9/10
·      Strength (Body) - 7/10
·      Flavor – 10/10
·      Overall Strength: High – Strong

·      Best time to drink: Day time for stress relief, heavy evening session for trunking

Overall Rank: 8.7/10

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  1. Douglas,

    My partner and I are wanting to try Kava for the first time. We have had unenjoyable experiences with Kratom and are both on methadone. Do you have any information on potential interactions between Kava and methadone? My research has told me that everything seems kosher. Also, is there any Kava you would recommend for first-time users? We want a great, relaxing experience together!