Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Paradise Kava's Fijian Sunset Kaduvu (2014)

Paradise Kava's newest batch of Fijian Kava has arrived. It is a low-cost, daily kava that is powerful enough to satisfy yet mellow enough not to slide into the next day. With Kavas from Vanuatu becoming exceedingly expensive and difficult to obtain, Fijian and Tongan varieties are becoming more affordable and available. This Kava should not be seen as a compromise, it should simply be seen as a good value. 

This video review tells the story of this awesome Kava. A stronger-than-normal Fiji that bowls the mind and body over. This Kava will satisfy you for a very low price and give you the Kava relief you are looking for on a daily basis. Enjoy..

Taste - 9/10
Mind - 10/10
Body - 9/10

Overall: 9.35/10

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