Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Preview of Paradise Kava's Ground-Breaking 5th Generation C02 Extracts.

In the village where I live in southern Ethiopia, people like to wind down the day by visiting a T’ejj Bet (Honey Wine House) on the way home. The drink is the color of orange juice but tastes like lightly fermented beer thickened and accented by the universally-loved flavor of honey. Last week, I brought along a jar of Paradise Kava’s “Honey Lemon” Kava extract to the honey bar to enhance my experience. I was meeting my friend Talowen there for a couple bottles of honey wine and wanted to see what his reaction to Paradise Kava’s newest creation would be. After some hesitancy and persuasion he decided to give it a shot. He was the first person I’ve ever seen “get” Kava the first time.  His whole face lit up and he started expressing how amazing his mouth and throat felt. Two pea-sized drops later he was commenting on how supremely relaxed he felt. I, too, had taken a few generous globs of Paradise Kava’s 5th Generation Extract but decided to hide the jar away lest curious onlookers try to scrape into my stash. I don’t know much, but I do know that I am the first person to ever introduce Kava extract to someone in a honey bar in the highlands of southern Ethiopia. From the South Pacific to the Great Rift Valley – it doesn’t get any more international than that! It’s great that Kava is being presented in new and innovative ways and it is fairly obvious that Paradise Kava’s newest invention is the strongest, best-value product that Kavasseurs can hope for.

The newest incarnation of the Premium Kava extract series brings a whole new level of perfection to these miraculous elixirs. Paradise Kava’s latest extract innovation packs a whopping 150 mg of kava per gram, opposed to the much lower concentrations of 50 mg and 75 mg in the previous manifestations. The newest extract is creamier, balmier, and packs more of a mouth-numbing punch than its predecessors did.  It has strong medicinal undertones to it, which Adil has done his best to neutralize with stronger honey and lemon flavors. In the Coconut Vanilla flavor, the result is a perfectly-proportioned treat that tastes so much like delicious candy that you might find yourself too krunked too fast. The same goes for the Chocolate Orange. My preference is the Honey Lemon, which is easier to moderate and has enough of that bright Kava flavor that you know when you’re approaching a good place before you slab another glob of innovation onto your tongue. Hats off to Adil here for continuing to use unprocessed Hawaiian-grown honey and lemon, as well as organic chocolate, vanilla, orange, and coconut in the other two extracts. Paradise Kava’s commitment to excellence is there in every dose of the newest extracts.

Now, when can we expect new flavors? The Kavasseur is ever-excited to see where this goes next.




  1. hey, I have anxiety and I was wondering which kava do you think is best for reducing anxiety?

  2. Try high kavain strains like.

    Tongan Pride
    Tongan Lightning
    Vanuatu3 limited edition kava
    Paradise's Hawaiian Grown Kava Powder
    Any of Paradise C02 Extracts

    Unless you anxiety has a physical origin then try high Dhm/Dhk kavas like

    Any ISA kava

    Or there are Fijian strains which if grown with love we give you the best of both worlds.

  3. I struggle with ADHD and anxiety, especially at work. I've tried Kava as pills. It takes 4-6 pills to have an effect. I have an odd reaction to any drug that has psychoactive effects. Something like MJ gives me real panic except in VERY small doses. Stimulants are something I can handle, oddly, because they slow me down. Benzodiazepines are fine.

    How likely is Paradise extract to trigger anxiety? I guess I'm asking whether it's closer to benzos than MJ. I want to feel relaxed, but not high in an MJ way. Can I start slowly enough that it won't blow my head off?

  4. There is almost no chance Paradise Extract will give you anxiety, Ive been using kava for anxiety for a couple months now and it works great, the only time it gave me slight anxiety was the first time bc i was unfamiliar with the effects,
    mj also gives me crazy anxiety

    this stuff is guaranteed to mellow you out, trust me man, its calming effects are like a benzo but better in every way imaginable

  5. Do the CO2 extracts cause stomach pain? This sounds so yummy. I recently made a tea out of Kava caps, opened them up. It worked great except for the pain and some gerd.