Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kavasseur on Twitter, Facebook, and Yuku!

To keep up-to-date on all Kavasseur happenings and to contribute to the conversation, join me on Twitter, Facebook, and Yuku. I am still reviewing and posting about Kava - even though I live in West Africa - and want the community to continue to grow. We all know that drinking Kava is a safe, enjoyable medicinal and recreational activity. Let's watch this community grow into a movement for a more stress-free world!

Create a Facebook account and apply to the group "The Kava Lounge" on Facebook. There, you can see whenever I update Kavasseur or post your thoughts on Kava.

Create a Yuku account and look up "The Kava Lounge" on Yuku:

Also, I have a Twitter account for Kavasseur. So look me up on Twitter! @kavasseur

My review of White Sand Kava from Nakamal at Home will be up this week. I'm looking forward to trying the only product of their's that I haven't tried.

Also, PLEASE click on an advertisement once in a blue moon so that I can continue to get my one-in-awhile $40 checks from Google. Support Kavasseur!


  1. Careful -- Google doesn't like it when you encourage readers to click ads! I have a question for you. I bought some powdered kava recently and prepared it in water as I always do. When I drink it, though, I feel no numbness in my mouth at all. Do you think this indicates that the kava has lost its potency?

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