Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vanuatu Kava Store - Coconut Kava

It has been a long time since I had the pleasure of drinking Malekula Magic, one of the top 10 Kava's reviewed on this site (9.3/10 shells). Well, let me tell you a little secret: Coconut Kava is coconut juice-infused Malekula Magic.

Vanuatu Kava Store has always had some of the best-tasting Kavas, and they seem to do a very good job of keeping this one of their priorities. Bringing friends into the Kava circle can be a daunting task, especially when you are brewing up a grassy Papua New Guinea Kava or a peppery Kava from Vanuatu. Finding a pleasant-tasting Kava that is simultaneously strong can be difficult. A few come to mind - Paradise Kava's "Hawaiian Awa," Nakamal at Home's "Tongan," and of course Vanuatu Kava Store's "Malekula Magic." One thing these Kava's all have in common is that they bring on a mellow buzz. They are high in kavain and low in double-bonded kavalactones, so they give you a nice, sustained buzz without a "Tudei" hangover.

I was a bit surprised about the flavor of this Kava. I half expected it to have an overdone sicky-sweet coconut taste - like strawberry beer or grape Fanta. However, it has an altogether different taste that is thankfully quite subdued and quite delicious. If you have ever had fresh coconut juice, it does taste a bit like that. But to be more precise, it tastes like coconut juice mixed with a Kava and a subtle smoky undertone. The first hint that this is more-than-related-to Malekula Magic is in the flavor. The second hint is the white chocolate mocha look and texture of the Kava in the bowl. And as hard as it is to improve upon the flavor of Malekula Magic, the job is done here. Vanuatu Kava Store has added coconut juice to Malekula Magic, and the result is Coconut Kava.

As for the effects of Coconut Kava, it doesn't deviate too much from Malekula Magic, which is a good thing. A very mellow, earthy buzz that you can feel in your eyes. It allows you to sink deeply into your chair (or couch, or whatever) and let your anxieties and doubts flutter away. Each shell sinks you further into mellowness until the bowl is finished along with your woes. It's strength is in its stoniness, and it doesn't give you any of the perkiness that a Papua New Guinea Kava does, or hallucinogenic qualities that a Solomon Kava does. The effects on your joints and muscles is far weaker than the mellowness it brings to your mind. So if you are looking for something to address muscle pain, go elsewhere. But if you are looking for something to relieve stress at the end of the day? Look no further. You wake up the following morning feeling clean and fresh.

Taste - 9.5/10
Effect (Mind) - 9.75/10
Effect (Body) - 8/10

Strength - Medium

Vanuatu Kava Store's Coconut Kava - 9.1/10


  1. Wow, this sounds fantastic. Duly ordered.

    Great to see you posting again, by the way. Your reviews are indispensable and, in my opinion, nearly always spot-on. Looking forward to your reviews of current N@H product, especially.


  2. Am definitely going to have to try this stuff out, I love a little bit of coconut water in my kava, am really interesting in this taste.

    I second what Dan said about you being back, we've missed your presence.

    - Kavalover

  3. Do you know approx how many servings there are in a 250 gram bag? How do you make the powder - do you just mix it with water?

    Thanks for the review!

  4. do you know about how long this takes to ship to USA? I ordered Friday and can't wait to try this after reading your awesome review!

  5. how long did it take for you to receive your kava order? i ordered mine on this past Friday and still haven't received it.

  6. I recently saw one of your video podcasts at the Paradise Kava and stopped by your website hoping I'd find more. I was pretty disappointed to find out that you've only done two videos so far. Have you thought about doing some more?

  7. I love Vanuatu Kava Store's product, but it takes forever to ship. I haven't bought any in a year because of this. I'd be interested to hear if his has improved!

  8. Yeah I like your reviews but did you know that Vanuatu Kava Store use rat feces to enhance the effect of the kava?? Strange I know but it gives the Kava a longer buzz apparently.

  9. "Rat feces"?? Your full of it!

  10. I hope they get more of this soon.. i was gonna order some today but its all out of stock... I settled with pentecost pride. This will be my first time with kava so I hope it goes well I'm not expecting much though.