Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vanuatu Kava Store - Pentecost Pride

We all know that Kava kava is a hard taste to acquire, and that many dedicated Kavaheads continue to despise the earthy taste of the sacred root. For some of us, Kava kava tastes wonderful - the peppery, gingery, and nutty subtleties can surprise and satisfy us. But when it comes to Kava initiates, the flavor is often the first and last obstacle that separates them from a long-term relationship with Kava. If your desire is to introduce some friends to Kava kava on a weekend night, and you are a bit concerned that it might overwhelm or disgust them, then Pentecost Pride is the ideal powder for you.

Now don't get my wrong, I'm kind if pissed that Pentecost Pride fills this niche. For $79.99/kg I was expecting something mind-blowing; I was expecting something that you might find at a Nakamal overlooking the turquoise waters of the Pacific. I was expecting to be transported to Pentecost Pride in my Kava-inspired dreams. But Pentecost Pride is alas not a strong Kava - at best, it is very mild and very clean Kava.

It is delicious. I would even venture to call it a "treat." You could possibly even leave this out at a party and incite comments such as "what is that peculiar yet pleasant drink over there?" It has a very creamy and nutty taste, and goes down quite nicely. No peppery or gingery tones to this variety, which unfortunately for Pentecost Pride are two of my favorite flavors. With much disappointment, I must add that the numbing effect is abnormally subtle. Isn't one of the best things about drinking Kava kava the satisfying tingle it puts on our lips?

The effects of Pentecost Pride are shockingly mild. One cup of Kava kava to two cups of water will leave you with a Kava that is almost incredibly weak. I kneaded and soaked for over an hour, and this is the result? I drank it with a couple friends who were Kava-newcomers. Though they felt relaxed after drinking it, it failed to launch them into the Kava bliss that Kavasseurs have come to expect from their hard-won bags of imported powder. I drank about four shells over a couple hours and felt nothing but a low, mild buzz.

Flavor - 8.5/10
Effect - 4/10

Vanuatu Kava Store's Pentecost Pride - 6.25 shells out of 10.


  1. vanuatukavastore's products are CRAP! don't waste your money on expensive powder that has no effects. I bought their tanna kava and had absolutely no effects at all and I have a lot of experience with kava. They didnt refund my money either. Just a bunch of scammers.

  2. Also, is a fraudulent scam website,placed an order more than a week ago,never recieved my tracking number like they said on their website,my order didnt even appear in my account.So i sent them a few messages and no response.

    These scammers can go F**** themselves.

  3. Tried this again after almost a year, with a new batch. It is a bit better than I remember, although still weak. I enjoy the subtlety of it, to be honest. I had to drink about seven shells to get a good buzz from it, but the buzz was rather nice if not a little pedestrian. I wouldn't suggest buying it, but it's not as useless as I initially made it out to be. What I don't understand is why VKS even sells it. Whoever they get the Malekula Magic from needs to step up and get them some more stuff like that.

  4. I ordered some Pentecost Pride and received Piper Wichami. Ive been sick for over a week now and have tried to contact them and had no response.