Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ozia Originals’ Kava Kava Candy (Orange Flavor)

Looking for an easy-to-carry, unsuspicious, and relatively strong Kava extract? Looking for something that tastes good, doesn’t require any cumbersome kind of storage, and can be accessed at any given moment? Most importantly, are you looking for something that works fast and is easily accessible during those moments when you really need to calm down and feel relaxed? Look no further. KavaKava Candy exactly fits that description. If you are traveling and are worried about how to explain mouth-numbing powders or big bags of  "strange" ground Pacific roots or even a jar of Kava extract, then these candies are the ideal alternative.

The taste is delicious. It reminds me a lot of those 50/50 bars that they used to sell from Ice Cream trucks when I was a kid. When I first popped a KavaKava Candy into my mouth, my mind was flooded with memories of summer days eating those sweet orange popsicles that were full of delicious and quite complimentary ice cream on the inside. Combine that with the numbness of good Hawaiian Kava, subtract the coldness of a popsicle, and you have KavaKava Candy.  The deliciousness factor alone makes these a good way to enjoy a relaxing Kava session. If you have a box of these and a jar of Paradise Kava’s extract on hand, then you’ll be in good shape for any kind of situation.

The first KavaKava Candy I dissolved on my tongue brought on immediate numbness, and then a nice wave of stress relief. I had been traveling by bus all day in West Africa from the rural rainforests (where I live) to the choked, smog-laden capital city of Accra. I looked around at the chaos of urban West Africa, sighed, and then remembered “oh yeah, I have those KavaKava candies on me!” I had a meeting with an immigration officer for a visa extension which is always stressful – negotiating bribes, trying to be funny so that they don’t probe too much, and trying to flatter them about your experiences in their country. You don’t want to mention any of the inconveniences or let them know that you’re completely befuddled about your immigration status. So when I got off the bus and started walking to the immigration office, I popped a second KavaKava candy. This is when I felt the full effect of this product. I’d say it put me somewhere between one and two shells of a medium-strength Kava (think Black Sand by Nakamal at Home or Malekula Magic by Vanuatu Kava Store). It gives a nice lightness to your body and a warming, relaxed mental high. Since there are eight pieces in the package, that is not such a bad deal for $5.99 (the current price). Each tablet contains 50 mg of Kava Kava extract (including lemon balm and chamomile).

If I lived somewhere that had reliable postal service and didn't cost an arm and a leg to ship to (i.e., not the most inaccessible part of the world!), I would definitely buy ten or twenty packets of these candies. They are very delicious, moderately strong, extremely convenient, and definitely made from good quality piper methysticum roots.

I should mention that, if I was to rank Kava based on convenience and a “not rising of suspicions” factor, this would definitely get a 10 in that category.

Flavor – 10/10
Effect (Mind) – 7.5/10
Effect (Body) – 7.5/10
Strength – Medium
Overall – 8.3/10


  1. Kavasseur - thanks a lot for taking the time to review this candy all the way in West Africa!

    I am glad you enjoyed it and hope to continue to develop inventive kava products like this...

    For me to become better at what I do, everyone's feedback is always welcome. I appreciate bouncing around different ideas and coming out with something new. If anyone is interested in trying out the candy, please feel free to visit: Kava Kava Candy here

    Much Aloha,

  2. Very interesting! I find it very disappointing that the candy is polluted with sorbitol and yellow #5 so I pass. Shame!

  3. All I can say is be careful! Great product as long as you're not sensitive to sorbitol. I didn't know that I was but after taking three of these I had the worse three weeks of my life and ended up loosing 20% of my body weight. Sorbitol can not be tolerated by some people. See how one or two effect you before taking more. As mom above says, wish there was no sugar substitutes or food dye in it. I realize that I'm in the minority and most people will have no problems... Still I'm hoping that Steve will be able to change the formula sometime in the future.

    1. Thanks for the comments and understand the concern with sorbitol. Getting through production and making the candy take form was a big challenge in itself...I used to have an all-natural powder pack with Reb-A but costs are quite significant. As the product continues to grow, I can work on an all-natural version. Aloha! Steve

    2. I would definitely be interested in an all natural candy. Honey maybe?

  4. I just ordered some of these. I hope they are good because I LOATH the taste of kava, although I love the effects. If these are good (effect and taste) I will be ordering a few cases. Thank you very much for the review! I was looking for a traditional brew alternative.

  5. Yeah these candies are really nice and you can have a few extra without worrying about having too much. Good stuff I want to get more.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the review. I struggle with anxiety, panick attacks and depression, looking for a benzo alternative. Which sort of kava should I order ? Candies ? Micronized ? Instant kava ? Thanks for your help

  7. Yellow #5 really should not be in anything. Its poison and there is hard evidence it leads to cancer... it is banned in most Nordic countries for a reason. And its just pointless, why add some sketchy food dye at all? Keep it colourless or get at least something which is not dangerous... really sad such things ruin an otherwise great product.